Vector File Conversion

Vector file conversion

Converting Your Logo / Image File Into Vector Format

Most of the images were made from pixels which is a small square bit of colours.
For printing purpose, we need to convert the image into lines and vector file format
in order to read by the printing machine.

High-quality vector file only can be used manual/hand tracing method and are not suitable for auto-tracing whereby still need to depend on how complex of the image. There will be extra charges based on the difficulty level of the image/logo.

lanyardsdesign - Vector Logo

Converting Your
Graphical Logo
Text Logo File
Into Vector Format

Raster Files
Basically, image/ photos or graphics that captured from a camera or by scanning a photo are known as Raster Image, which is form by square pixels of colours to convey an image and its larger than vector file. The file of a raster image is jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp and tiff which is cannot be edited or modified.

Raster image is poor resolution file which is in square pixel form when you enlarge the image. This type of image file is unable to be printed into the product. (with image example given)

– Overview Of Logo Tracing –

We strongly encourage our customer to send us your logo/graphic
in vector file that can be editable which is in ai or eps file to avoid extra charges on conversion.

Logo / Graphic / Icon

lanyardsdesign - logo conversion example

Logo/graphic tracing will be time-consuming compared to text tracing, which required a skilled designer to do the manual tracing an extra touch up on the artwork/logo.

Text & Words

lanyardsdesign - Text Conversion

Word/text, the best method used are tracing manually in order to get the best result.

– Correct Sample Of A Vector Logo –

Here is the example of a blur pixel image (raster image)
to a sharp vector file. (with image example given)

lanyardsdesign - After logo tracing