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There are many types of lanyards, in, you can find a full range of lanyards products to fit your needs, with a budget saving price. From standard and bestselling lanyards like Nylon, Polyester and Heat Transfer to special ones like Cord, Reflective and Satin lanyards. Additionally, we can match your requirements to create a perfects lanyard for you. Furthermore, you can customize the lanyards with your logo, brand or text printed on it to promote awareness for your brand. We always try to give you the best service, because we are your trustworthy lanyards supplier.

Type of Lanyards

lanyard supplier malaysia -nylon lanyard

Nylon Lanyard

lanyard supplier malaysia -polyester lanyard

Polyester Lanyard

lanyard supplier malaysia -heat transfer lanyard

Heat Transfer Lanyard

lanyardsdesign homepage - woven lanyard

Woven Lanyard

lanyardsdesign homepage- tubular lanyards

Tubular Lanyard

lanyard supplier malaysia -cord lanyards

Cord Lanyard

lanyardsdesign homepage- reflective lanyard

Reflective Lanyard

lanyardsdesign homepage- satin lanyard

Satin Lanyard